Tuesday, January 18, 2005


It took me a bit of research to realize that this story is for real. Hurtubise is an eccentric Canadian inventor-type, who years ago survived a deadly encounter with a Grizzly bear in the wilderness. He then set about spending tens of thousands of dollars over several years to build an impervious, yet flexible suit of armor which would allow him to go toe-to-toe with the big fella. His escapades in testing the suit and confronting a black bear were documented in the cult film PROJECT GRIZZLY, which Quentin Tarantino endorses as his all-time favorite documentary, but which is sadly absent from the Netflix roster.

Hurtubise took home a Nobel Prize in 1998 in the catagory of Safety Engineering for his invention. So what is he working on nowadays? Check out The Angel Light.

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Tom said...

I like that it was invented by some dude at his house rather than at some government sponsored laboratory. It also seems similar to Doc Brown's invention of the flux capacitor in BACK TO THE FUTURE. It seems like the Doc fell, bumped his head and saw the vision.

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