Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraqis defied violence and calls for a boycott to cast ballots in Iraq's first free election in a half-century Sunday. Insurgents seeking to wreck the vote struck polling stations with a string of suicide bombings and mortar volleys, killing at least 44 people, including nine attackers.

Officials said turnout among the 14 million eligible voters appeared higher than the 57 percent that had been predicted, although it would be some time before any turnout figure was confirmed.

44 people is a big number, but on the other hand, Zarqawi and that bunch did everything they could to stop this election and they could only stop 44. That people would vote anyway is a testament to freedom and self-rule. Ted Kennedy said last week that the U.S. was making the Iraqi situation worse and not better. He was also for letting the Russians have their way during the cold war. He also supported the Sandinistas who couldn't win the first free election in Nicaragua. What exactly about human freedom repulses Kennedy so?

While Kennedy might support his own personal freedom, but its clear from his own voting record that he doesn't trust people with freedom. Freedom is too random. People might choose to do something the Senator doesn't like. The Senator is in a much better position to know what's right for people. He's here to give it to them if they'd only listen.

Senator Kennedy is just the sort of person who'd aspire to be a dictator if he were born rich into a country without a constitution is strong as ours. As it is, he'll have to settle for 1/100th of the power in Senate that will continue to check and balance his every last utopian scheme.

We can afford Senator Kennedy as some strange throwback to a time when we thought the government must and should do everything for us. The captive people of the world under the oppressive boot are hurt more by his mouth than his fellow citizens. The funniest thing is that some day Sen. Kennedy will be dead and instead of pointing out how many times he was wrong in the course of human history, journalists will label him an idealist that strove to better the lot of mankind. They’ll forget his pessimism and the lack of vision. The elite won’t measure the results of his ideas, because they would have to re-check their own premises of the world. Kennedy’s mistakes will not be his fault. He was right, but strange quirks in history hurt his chances at success.

But in the far far future, Kennedy will be the guy who lived off his dead brother’s name to oppose many of the things his brother stood for. Jack supported civil rights in the language that everyone should be equal. Ted supports equal rights with voting that suggest that some are more equal than others. Jack was a cold warrior that was determined to beat the Russians. Ted considered the Russian victory inevitable. Jack lowered the tax burden on the American people to spur growth. Ted favored raising taxes in order to dole out money to who he thought deserved it.

History will remember Jack Kennedy as a guy on the right side of history and his brother as the twerp who never learned.

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Scott J said...

It is hard to respect a guy like Kennedy who belittles Alberto Gonzalez for his positions on water torture when he drowned Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddic. And Massachusetts keeps electing this guy?

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