Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Maybe USC would have clobbered Auburn too, but Oklahoma's weak effort makes one wonder how valuable the pre-season polls are. Although Auburn had a tougher schedule, they were penalized by beginning the season in the teens. Sportswriters made it impossible for Auburn to be recognized for their 13-0 season.

It shouldn't matter where you start but where you finish. It's un-American to allow kingmakers to pick champions when the champion can be decided on the field. Until college football develops a playoff system the sport is merely an exhibition of random teams and not a true competition looking for the real McCoy.


Scott J said...

College football is as arbitrary as Olympic ice skating. Until they have a tournament, you will never have a true champion. The NCAA should adopt a 16 team field with the 11 conference winners and 5 at-large bids. You could still carry on the bowl games but get rid of those stupid ones like the Bluebonnet Bowl that mediocre teams with 6-5 records, like Notre Dame, play in. I get tired of the argument that college football players are students first. Many of the division I players are primarily there for football. The division II and III schools have accomplished tournaments.

E said...

You could still have all the Pizza Hut Bowls with 6-5 vs. 6-5 and they could invite whoever they wanted. A 16-team tournament would extend the season by 4-5 weeks - just like it is now by the time you finish the bowl games on Jan 2 or 3. Just give them their C's on their final exams and let them play.

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