Monday, January 22, 2007


I made this collage in art class on Saturday. I think it exemplifies the current plight of man: disconnected, about to be ungrounded, but somewhat hopeful as the hand of God continues to be upon us.

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Tom said...

Sir Saunders use of the surfer wasn't accidental as it's represents his need to get outdoors but can also work as an homage to bloggers barely dressed surfing the net and shaping opinion. Notice how two figures look upon us, the androgynous dame with the Will Wheaton haircut and Salvador Dali himself.

The first fits the Star Trek motif that is seen much more in his Federation period. Art critics for years thought that Dali was the center idea in this work, but recent X-Rays shows that underneath the Spaniard lies a photo of Richard Feynman.

The Feynman thought is in line with natural world all glommed together here. Critics are split on what Sir Saunders meant by substituting Dali. Some feel that the audience is supposed to think about the surreal nature of these unrelated objects and therefore their inter-related quality. Others think that Saunders was worried that the Feynman estate would want royalties.

The hand-bringing-greater-hair has today become one of the most copied attributes of Saunders work, even appearing on the poster for his retrospective a few years ago at MoMa.

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