Saturday, January 20, 2007


Dick Morris has to be the slimiest of them all. Because he makes his living off of trashing his former employers, the Clintons, you know that when he pumps up Hillary's electability and how potentially unstoppable she is, as he has been doing in his columns and on TV, it's because her success is his success. So as he bolsters her standing as the #1 contender for her party's nomination, meanwhile he's preparing his Republican donor list to take her down. The more he builds her up, the more Republican dollars he'll need to take her down, and the more time he'll get on Fox to ask for them. Politics and "news" are slippery businesses indeed. He has been positioning for this for years and finally the next 22 months are a dream come true for Tricky Dick.

It is funny that the fundraising letter calls Clinton a "Clinton-style liberal."

Persons on Republican mailing lists this week received an appeal for funds from Dick Morris, President Bill Clinton's political strategist in 1995-1996, asking for a contribution between $25 and $100 or more to finance a critical film documentary of Sen. Hillary Clinton. Signing the letter as "Former Clinton Adviser," Morris wrote: "If you liked how the Swift Boat Veterans turned the tide against John Kerry, you understand how a top Clinton aide can turn the tables and stop a Clinton-style liberal from becoming the next president of the United States."

Morris's appeal was made through The Presidential Coalition, run by conservative activist Dave Bossie. The letter described Morris as dedicated to electing presidents like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Since 1996, Morris has been an author, columnist and television commentator.

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Tom said...

He is so frequently dead wrong in his predictions and yet he fascinating to listen to. A marketing genius.

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