Sunday, January 14, 2007


The following article is from my hometown news paper back in Bonifay, FL, The Holmes County Advertiser. This is the same cop that attacked and provoked my Uncle Dwight into the mother of all shoot-outs that ended in my Uncle's death (read all about it on my Website).

Lee suspension extended (or the truth always comes out!)
From the Holmes County Advertiser
Lee suspension extended by Bonifay Council

Managing Editor

Bonifay City Council extended the suspension of Officer Stephen Lee pending a meeting involving Council and the respective attorneys. Action was taken at Monday night’s regular Council meeting. Councilmen Eddie Sims and Micah McCormick were not present. Police Chief Ronnie Bennett said that Lee’s lawyer, Rhonda Clyatt, requested a continuance of Lee’s original 10-day suspension with pay. City Attorney Brandon Young was also unable to attend Monday’s meeting, so the suspension was extended and a special Council meeting will be set up to deal with the situation. In a related matter, Karl Malina accused Lee of verbally and physically assaulting his son. Malina wanted to know why there were no criminal charges against Lee and why Lee was still on the police force. Mayor Fred Howell said this would be addressed at the special meeting.

Bonifay Officer Suspended
December 15, 2006 from (WTVY News Channel 4, Dothan Alabama)
Two-and-a-half-years-ago, Bonifay police officer Steven Lee was nearly killed after being shot by a mentally ill gunman. Wednesday, Officer Lee is suspended for 10 days without pay.
The suspension began on December 11.
Bonifay Police Chief Ronnie Bennet reported the suspension before this week's city council meeting.
Officer Lee allegedly was making traffic stops outside his department's jurisdiction.
His patrol car has also been taken away from him during his suspension.
Chief Bennett says he along with officer lee and his attorney will soon sit down and discuss the situation.
The suspension will be placed on the Bonifay city council's January meeting agenda.

A loose cannon, egotistical, self-motivated, and impulsive. A dangerious combination. This guy should be taken off the force and I hope criminal charges are indeed pressed for his recent actions.


Tom said...

The media seems to have missed the pattern of behavior. They should interview Dwight's next door neighbor so that he can recount everything Barney Fife said and did to Dwight before the incident.

Dude said...

I'm always hopeful that some good will come of an avoidable tragedy, even if it is too late for your Uncle Dwight. His death was one of those "what are you gonna do?" moments that only really resonates in the local community and is quickly forgotten by anyone not directly affected.

It is inspiring that you took action in contacting your government representatives even if change is slow in coming. You are a stand up guy and a worthy Junto Boy. With change coming slowly, the removal of Officer Doofus from the ranks of weapons-bearer can be considered a minor victory as we doggedly fight the relentless crush of entropy.

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