Friday, June 29, 2007


I hereby invite the Libertarian view on the release of this information.

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Dude said...

I began studying UFOs and Roswell and such things a few years ago and by researching the way the government handles information at its highest levels, I learned about the CIA abuse of power such that this revelation is not news to me. In researching so-called conspiracy theories, I realized that the reason there are theories is because there are conspiracies. I suppose there are a lot of suspected crackpots who can now point at the family jewls and say "See! And you thought I was mad!"

The only surprise here is that they actually released the material. Americans at least as intelligent as me know that this sort of thing is SOP for the CIA and other countries know this and justly hate us for our hypocrisy while the average US citizen is truly in the dark that our government is as evil as those we oppose. In my revised view of the latter half of the twentieth century, I see that Truman really created a monster when he chartered the CIA and NSA. Eisnehower saw this and warned us against the "military-industrial complex" but the coup was complete with a bullet to JFK's head. It was only a generation later when we got our first CIA president.

As a libertarian, my political aim is to divvy the power up favoring the people rather than the state. I have traditionally voted Republican since the Democratic agenda is the exact opposite. The Bush years have been a tremendous setback for the freedom of the people of America as the state has used that old standby - fear - to take more freedom from us and give it to the feds. Hell, we could have let Al Gore do that and he would have spent less doing it. Unless a GOP candidate really impresses me in the next election, I won't really care who wins office and there's a chance I may vote Libertarian for the first time just to help the statistics.

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