Thursday, June 21, 2007


I'm sure you have seen Hilary's take on the Sopranos finale. It wasn't a bad idea for a parody and they even got Johnny Sack to guest as the lunch counter guy, but Hilary exposed something about herself that wasn't smart. She comes off as a humorless policy wonk for the most part in her speeches, but here where she was supposed to be having fun she is all business. And it's not like she was acting. The schtick about carrot sticks instead of onion rings is funny on paper and Bubba did his part with the reaction shot, but she comes off as the shrill first wife and my God what man wants to listen to that for the next 8 years? The bit was also a great example of the way she wants to take care of the entire country despite itself. But an audience could have forgiven anything if she only seemed like she was having a good time with it. She made the whole exercise look like work. Aniston's problem on the screen seems to be Hilary's problem in this campaign. How can you trust someone that is incapable of having a good time or being fun? These are the co-workers we avoid.

The pundits keep playing down the inevitability of her nomination, but not only does she have the best machine, she's just the kind of personality they love to go with. Why take an engaging candidate when you can pick a drab one. That's how you get Mondale, Dukakis, Gore and Kerry. Only when the major candidates sat out could you get an engaging Bill Clinton. If I were Hilary Clinton I would have spent the last 6 years learning to have a good time.


Dude said...

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the John Cougar Mellencamp of politics. I wish she would just pick a name and go with it. I saw her on Letterman many years ago and was surprised at how fun she was. She was laughing and was fairly engaging. I think of that interview often because I have never seen that side of her personality since. Every time she opens her trap, I am left wondering where the engaging conversationalist has gone and why she feels that wouldn't connect with people. The all-business Hillary is no fun at all.

I remember seeing Bill Clinton in some White House Christmas videos which were hilarious. He seemed a natural performer with a good sense of humor. I was surprised at his carrot stick schtick that fell flat. This would have been a fun video except that both Clintons came off as terribly wooden.

E said...

Al Gore's concession speech in Dec 2000 was wonderful - sincere, genuine, human. It was the only time I ever liked him. I said, "Wow! If that guy had run, he would easily have won." Gore, Kerry, Hillary and the like - cardboard cutouts.

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