Thursday, January 29, 2009


Why Liberal Democrats Spend Your Tax Dollars So Merrily
Overall, given the choice between more government services and higher taxes, or fewer services and lower taxes, likely voters opt for the limited government/low tax option by the comfortable margin of 61% to 25%. That’s pretty much where Americans have been for some time now.

But the story is dramatically different when you break down the electorate by ideology and partisan affiliation. We all know these divides exist, but I, for one, was surprised at the extent of the chasm.

Ideologically, the breakdown looks like this:

Click the link to see the breakdown.

Note that the media said that Bush lied about going into Iraq because stockpiles of WMD weren't found.

Further note that the media doesn't seem interested in the "Tax Cut for 95% of Americans" promise now that he is set to spend out money.

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