Thursday, January 22, 2009

(This will be a running commentary on who I think in pop-culture needs a beating, it's not to say that I myself which any harm or will actually cause harm to another, rather it is saying that person is so disgusting that if they did get a beating, it would cause me glee rather than angst).

If there is anyone in the World who should be taken out back and given the beating of his life, it is Keith Oberman of MSNBC Fame. What a Hack, Over Emotional, Histrionic, Idiot. Oberman say's Bush should be prosecuted for War Crimes. If Bush should be prosecuted, then so should FDR. He ACTUALLY illegally imprisoned American citizens. And let's prosecute Truman who set up War Tribunal's that prosecuted the Nazi's, in exactly the same way. And let's prosecute Clinton, who illegally, without cause, attacked a Religious organization for no reason, killed 100's and never actually charged anyone with a crime. And finally let's not forget Obama's favorite, Abraham Lincoln, let's prosecute him for violating the constitution and imprisoning members of the press who wrote bad articles about him without a trial or charge. Bush did what he swore an Oath to do (an Oath he only had to take once) which was protect and defend this country against all enemies. I can't wait until the Military captures Osama Bin Laden and Obama rushes to give him a comfy chair.

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Tom said...

Obama says that he will close Gitmo one year from now. Those prisoners started arriving shortly after our invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. I would like to ask Obama where he would have put them in 2001 and then ask why doesn't he move them there now.

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