Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"A NEW ERA OF RESPONSIBILITY" by President Barack H. Obama

All the libs in my office are huddled around a small TV right outside my office, so I had no choice but to listen to Obama's empty platitudes, I mean soaring rhetoric, in his inaugural address. Quick hits:

This new era of responsibility translates I think into heavy federal regulations that will stifle the economy. Lawyers are giddy.

We must be citizens of the world, helping everyone everywhere. Free money for everyone. Maybe Biden can lead the charge on this, he who gave $900 to charity in his most generous year.

On defense, we must be grounded in humility and restraint. This of course was a swipe at Bush, not magnanimous to say the least. A good applause line though.

To our enemies: "We will outlast you and we will defeat you." How? "Because we are a melting pot, old hatreds will fade and peace will prevail." Oh. That's our new foreign policy. God help us. Lord, stay the hand of our enemies.

Obama promises big government. He hints at efficiency checks and accountability. That I will believe when I see it. I am eager to review his first round of cuts.

We need big government to make the playing field fair and equitable for the little guy. I am thinking about trading my sedan for a pickup truck so I can catch some of the free money that will be falling from the sky.

Overall, a grim view of the landscape. I am reminded how much liberals loathe America. Naturally the address was greeted by applause here in the office, and the requisite jabs at Bush's atrocious speechmaking skills. I too will be glad not to hear from Bush any more (which had become rare anyway, while he hid himself away and ceded the narrative to his opponents), but not so glad to hear President Obama taking my inventory and telling me how my behavior should improve.

Our system is set up so that no president can screw things up too badly in four years. Congress, however, will try. My expectations are low enough that there is the possibility of being pleasantly surprised.

If you heard/saw/read the Inaugural Address, I would like to hear your comments.


Tom said...

I was under the weather this morning and slept through the speech. I did see the Bushes and the Obamas walk away together and hug each other. I can't help but think that his inexperience will get the best of him. It did with Bush in so many ways. Bush's earliest and primary mistake was thinking Washington could be run like Austin with bipartisan deals and friendly disagreements. There is just too much power and money in Washington and the fight for that money and power does funny things to people. Idealism, even if it's genuine, cannot best special interests trying to get their fist deeper in the pie. And that's because the pie just gets bigger. Thanks Bush.

The extent to which the government allows free people to go about their lives unhindered produces the greatest degree of prosperity. The current makeup in Washington suggests prosperity will be fighting dogooderville even more so than in the past and certainly more so than before Reagan.

Most that look at Obama as the savior of our Republic have not been paying attention to our republic for long. Their political knowledge usually goes no further back than Clinton when the terrorists got in and Bush where the terrorists were pushed out.

Obama is the new girl who transferred to your school midterm. Pretty, confident, and quiet enough that she must be brilliant. I bet she'd make the best date to the homecoming dance. And since the Left likens the presidency as the homecoming Queen of the world, she'll do just nicely.

Once Obama has to actually define himself as something other than a contrast to Bush, will that something be what his supporters imagined? I'm mean what are these people going to do when they realize that he is a human being?

Dude said...

As soon as I got to the office, I found the applauding hordes watching the show in the boardroom. My expectations were confirmed that most of my new coworkers would be liberals. I don't make a show of being conservative, since the Bush admin isn't something I'm willing to defend in public.

Whereas, I was depressed when Clinton took over, I've been rooting for Obama since the primaries since I didn't want another Clinton to depress me. I have a philosophical difference with any liberal, yet Obama is the best one I've seen the dems elect yet, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt since he hasn't screwed up yet.

When Clinton took over, libs were happy just to be in power, but with Obama, there is this palpable change in the psyche of the nation that is rather exciting. With the economy in the tank, I don't think he'll be given the opp to spend like a liberal, and even if he does, then it's no different than "compassionate conservatism".

I'm not going to spend the next 4-8 years moaning about Obama just because he's not the guy I voted for. I genuinely hope he turns out to be a great leader. The times demand a great president and maybe this is the guy sent to us by the times. He's certainly got the world's attention. Like a tenured judge, he is now in position to be his true self and not kowtow to perception and expectation. Maybe he'll surprise us.

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