Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We need a black president to get to the place where the conversation can stop being about race. We had the first black football player, then the first black QB, then the first black QB in the Super Bowl, then the first black coach, then the first black head coach, then the first black head coach in the SB, then the first black head coach to win the SB.... until finally Mike Tomlin can coach in the SB and just be a coach in the SB. I would have preferred that our first black president be elected on merit, and be a conservative, but you can't have everything.

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Dude said...

I loved about Obama's inaugural that he refrained from stirring up the crowd by playing up the descendants of slaves angle. Other than one passing "enduring the whip" comment, all of his imagery involved founding fathers, battered soldiers, destitute landowners and hopeful immigrants. He pulled his mostly black crowd into the mainstream by referencing that America. Maybe one of the "not working" programs that he will cut is affirmative action so that we all truly can be equal.

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