Saturday, January 31, 2009


The question that the media refuses to ask Team Obama:

1. Where do you get $1 trillion in a shrinking economy amid layoffs and negative growth?
2. How does your $1 trillion spending plan differ from the spending that has bankrupted California?
3. If, like you say, the economy is going to take years to recover then why the rush to spend so much money for no net gain? Won't the economy just recover on its own is a few years anyway?

A moment of outrage. . .
Obama also said his plan would ensure corporate executives do not siphon away tax dollars to fund big bonuses, as he again expressed outrage at big Wall Street pay-outs in 2008.

Outraged enough that he'll return the Wall Street money he raised campaigning?


Dude said...

I don't get the outrage over Wall Street using the bailout funds on corporate bonuses. That's how the friggin' corporate economy functions: companies keep top employees by vesting them with big bonuses. Hello? That. Is. How. It. Works.

That is what we are transferring our nation's net wealth to prop up. If we, the nation, have a problem with the functioning of Wall Street, then why are we, the nation, giving our grandchildren's money to them today so that they will keep functioning?

If there is a fundamental philosophical difference of opinion regarding HOW these entities function, then wouldn't it have been much saner to allow them to fail and let new entities take their place? Isn't it the Democratic wet dream to dispose of corporate America and rebuild it in its platonic ideal state? This. Was. Your. Chance.

Sir Saunders said...

Companies should tell the Government, "thanks but no thanks" and sink or swim. Unfortunately, there is too much cowardice and not enough responsibility. If the press would ask on average just one of Tom's insightful questions, we'd have a better debate.

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