Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, here we go. President Obama's first order of business was to undo Bush's efforts to bring prisoners at Guantanamo to justice. In a move applauded by the ACLU,

President Barack Obama's request to suspend all war crimes trials at Guantanamo was promptly accepted by military judges Wednesday in what may be the beginning of the end for the Bush administration's system of trying alleged terrorists.

The judges agreed to the 120-day halt the cases of five men charged in the Sept. 11 attacks and a Canadian accused of killing an American soldier in Afghanistan. Similar orders are expected in other pending cases before the Guantanamo military commission.

Obama intends to move the trials to the U.S. and grant the prisoners new rights. That does not sit well with relatives of 9/11 victims, but the Times and MSNBC approve, so there. I suggest we send the matter to Clint Eastwood for arbitration, with no cameras nor witnesses present.

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Tom said...

These kinds of moves send a signal to terrorists that America is open for business again. Doesn't Obama understand that they only thing that would sweep out a Dem congress in 2010 is an attack provoked by such weakness?

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