Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Excellent work today by Victor Davis Hanson, worthy of reading in its entirety.
Unless Obama really is the Messiah, human nature won’t change much just because we elected someone who we want to think might be divine. So give Obama, the man, not the god, a chance to earn, rather than merely assert, his respect. Quit the smug moralizing that we have somehow proved to the world and ourselves that we are now finally worthy and deserving of adulation — as if wisdom and morality were always only an easy punch of the ballot away.

It would be nice if now we could evaluate our post-racial president on merit. But if we could do that, our elusive, unaccomplished president-elect would not be president-elect. Racial preference was the very essence of his candidacy. A white candidate with his credentials would have been laughed off the stage. We seem to have bypassed the conversation on race that He promised us in his Address in Philadelphia, effecting the solution of a man of color in the highest office without discussing in the process whether his election means that the politics of victimization are no longer valid--or ever were.

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Tom said...

Hanson maybe the greatest find since 9-11.

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