Saturday, November 01, 2008


In my car yesterday, I was thinking about the (tens of? hundreds of?) thousands of fraudulent voter registrations, and why ACORN would do that, and why the Democratic machine would fund it. What's the point? And what does it mean that it has been dismissed as "only" voter *registration* fraud, not actual vote fraud? What would be the point of massive voter registration fraud?

Applying Occam's Razor, I look at the Democrats' campaign strategy, a major part of which has been to control the media narrative, thereby forming expectations of an Obama victory. What does the media report every day that forms the narrative? The latest poll results. What drives the poll results? The pollsters' models that reflect trends in party registration. So if you register hundreds of thousands of phony Democratic voters, the poll models shift to adjust to massive registration of new Democratic voters. If the registrations are 60-40, for example, Democrat to Republican (just to make the point, ignoring Independents and Other), then the pollsters adjust their actual results to reflect what the results would have been if their sample had been 60-40, and they report the adjusted results, not the actual results. The models assume higher Democratic turnout than will actually occur, because the groundswell of phantom voters won't actually vote. The narrative, though, keeps Republican voters from voting because their guy already lost, the media told them so. You will remember lots of stories in the media early this year about all the new Democratic registrations. That began the narrative and continues to drive it. It is an elegantly simple strategy that may yet work.


I have wanted to blog on the Clever Hans Effect and the Asch Experiments, partly because of their impact on the election and partly because they are things that smart guys should know about, and maybe you already do, particularly the good doctor, but if you don't, I encourage you to read this.


Dude said...

The ACORN scandal shows clearly why trickle-down economics doesn't work in the liberal world view. The powers that be, in this case, the Democratic Party, paid a company $800k to get some voters registered. The company took that money and presuming the Democrats wanted the new registrants to be Democrats, subcontracted with a known liberal grassroots operation to get those new voters registered, knowing that the result would skew overwhelmingly Democratic, which would please the Democratic Party, who would in turn likely continue giving money to them in the future.

Now that the money had trickled down to ACORN, they printed up the blank forms they needed and gave them to their overwhelmingly liberal volunteer workers with the mandate to bring back the forms completed. The volunteers were paid per completed form, which is a nice step up from volunteering. It really pays off if you complete many, many forms. The money trickles down to you in fact, the more forms you complete and turn in. ACORN, the boss, just wants the forms completed and will pay for each one. The way to a bigger payday is to complete and return as many forms as humanly possible. What happened next should surprise nobody. Except those of us who would not do such things.

Libs, since Reagan, have been up in arms over trickle-down economics because it never trickles down to their people. Well, under a socialist state, I think we can expect the money to trickle down plenty to their people, and ACORN has shown us what level of production we can expect when the money reaches them.

Tom said...

I had never heard of ZombieTime, but wow what a thoughtful and deep post that guy made. I need to read the rest of their site. If this is typical, I think it becomes a must read.

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