Saturday, November 01, 2008


Andy Martin reports that there is a COLB on file in Hawai'i for Obama that the public has never seen, and that the document that the campaign allowed the press to view some months ago was not the original.

The Hawai'i government has backed me by confirming that officials have examined the original, typewritten 1961 document, and confirmed that the document released by the Obama campaign was a facsimile, not the original.

"I have won a major victory: I proved Obama was lying about what he had posed on the Internet and falsely portrayed as 'the original.' 'Barry, we caught you with your pants down. We caught you lying, again.

In other news, Drudge is reporting that Obama's Kenyan "half-aunt" is an illegal immigrant living in Boston who ignored a rejection to her request for asylum four years ago. Yet another relative of the magnanimous One* living in low income housing. Oh, and she donated to the Obama campaign, which is also illegal. She and thousands of others.

You'll recall that Martin is the one claiming that Obama's real father was communist Frank Marshall. Even if not, Marshall was a formative influence. Professor Paul Kengor notes:

Though proud of Davis, and very affectionate toward him, Obama sought to obfuscate the identity of Davis in his book, Dreams from My Father, where he strangely referred to him only as "Frank," conspicuously avoiding his full name. Politically, Obama needed to make Davis anonymous, whereas, personally, he could not avoid acknowledging in his memoirs a man who meant so much to him.

Obama was mentored by Davis in his late teens, before heading off to college, where, as Obama wrote in Dreams From My Father, he hung out with the "Marxist professors" and attended "socialist conferences."

And yet, not a single one of our nation's leading journalists has asked any such questions. They are far more interested in Sarah Palin's wardrobe and Joe the Plumber's license. The New York Times is busy with bigger issues, like Cindy McCain's history of murder and mayhem. It is truly, truly amazing to behold. For modern journalists, truth is second to their politics.

Obama gave less than 1% of his annual income in the years prior to becoming a millionaire, less than the 2.2% national average. He doesn't give money, but will take it from any source, legal or illegal. Biden's giving records are even worse, a small fraction of 1% per year. The Bidens gave $380 to charity in 2006, their biggest year in ten years. This was my point yesterday, that they want to do with everybody else's money what they do not do with their own. (The Palins have been giving about 2.75% on an income of less than $150,000 with five kids at home. The McCains give millions, more than a quarter of their income.)

I heard former Carter guy Pat Caddell on Hannity last night. He can't vote for Obama, the party has gone too far left for him. How many Pat Caddells are there out there? More than none. An LA Times/Bloomberg poll indicated that McCain is up 49-45 among Democrats who have already voted in Florida. Media coverage of this phenomenon? Zero.

Philip Berg, Esq., whose challenge to Obama's standing to run for President was thrown out of court last week, has appealed to the US Supreme Court to stay the election until the matter is resolved. Don't count on it. McCain would have standing to challenge Obama's citizenship, but that is the same guy who declared Rev. Wright off limits and keeps calling Obama a swell guy.

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