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This is the [UPDATE: almost] last thing I'll say before I watch the results come in Tuesday night. I agree with the following, and would throw in, as Tom said in his post-Palin-rally post, that she is tougher than Obama as well.

A Reason to Elect McCain [Jay Nordlinger]

There are a lot of people who didn’t like Edmund Morris’s biography of Reagan, which was authorized — they said it was a failure, or at least a missed opportunity. I don’t know. I didn’t read it. But I do know this: Morris had one insight into Reagan, and it was perfectly observed.

Reagan spent his entire life standing up to the bully. From boyhood on, he interposed himself between the bully and the innocent. He stood up to the bullies in his schools. He stood up to the Communists in Hollywood, and to the coercive unions. He stood up to the student radicals and their abettors. He stood up to the Soviets.

He simply stood up.

In the world today are a lot of bullies to stand up to: al-Qaeda, the mullahs, the North Koreans, the Chinese Communists, the Castro brothers, Chávez. John McCain will almost certainly do it. Barack Obama will almost certainly not.

That’s one reason — probably the biggest reason — I’m voting for McCain on Tuesday.

Me too.

And now we vote. And then the media call it early for Obama, and then we count 'em up, and then either the media finally achieves their self-fulfilling prophecy or half the country is racist. I remember driving home from a meeting on Election Night 2000 and hearing at 8:45 p.m., before the polls were closed in Florida's panhandle, that Gore had won Florida and won the election. I remember being in the hospital the morning after our second child was born, on December 13, 2000, when the Supreme Court decision determined that Bush was our next president. In 2001 I remember the Miami Herald sponsoring a manual recount of the Florida ballots under a number of alternate decision rules, with Bush winning by larger margins under most any reasonable set of rules. How many Americans know that? No, Bush stole the election with Florida in 2000 and stole 2004 with Ohio, which was never even close. I remember looking at the county data around 2am that night and there was no conceivable way Kerry was going to take the state, yet the media would not give it to Bush. The media has told me a lot of things about who is going to win elections that was not true. So let's go vote.

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Tom said...

They were totally lost in 2000. They made themselves look like fools. But since they are the ones that remind us who the fools are they could quickly change the subject.

In 2004, the exit polls favored John Kerry and they were ready to tell that story, only the returns came in for Bush and they were lost again.

This year the polls all assume a bigger Democrat turnout because of newly registered voters, many that we know are fraudulent. This thing could very well come down to 1-2% of the vote.

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