Thursday, November 06, 2008


Jonah Goldberg is always good. Today he ruminates on whether it's a good thing that so many know-nothings determine our election outcomes. (Hint: not a good thing.) Count on Democratic efforts to expand the voting power of the lazy, uninformed, illusory and formerly illegal. They'll say "it's good for democracy" but what they mean is it's good for their party's chances of staying in power.

Some things I will do now that I'm not wasting so much time informing my one vote:

Finish my coursework that was due in May and has been granted multiple extensions by a gracious advisor.

Put up that shelf that has been sitting there for over a year.

Wash more dishes. Iron more clothes. Do some of the cooking.

Read in our reading room. We have a nice little library in our house that I never use.

Purge and print photos from an electronic archive of thousands of photos going back several years. Put the photos in books with minimal artistry and selective commentary.

Exercise. In general I need to do more things that do not involve staring at a screen and pounding a keyboard.

Watch football games. (There is no keyboard.)

I have three years to get some things done before I get all wrapped up in the 2012 election. I started yesterday and am making progress.

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