Wednesday, November 05, 2008


What the mainstream media will not say is what a class act President Bush is now and through the transition. Unknown to most, is that he signed the Executive Order: (for the) Facilitation of a Presidential Transition. This is the first time in history that so orderly and formal a transition is being conducted. If you recall in 2000, President Bush went into the shortest transition in history. Further, he went into the White House that looked like a night-after Frat-boy party. Then, as a "funny joke", the Clinton staffers at Clinton's insistence removed all the "W's" from the typewriters and computer keyboards. President Bush had to spend $18,000 of taxpayer money to repair the damage and clean up after Clinton. This will certainly not happen now. As Bush-1 said when conceding to Bill Clinton, America is "the envy of the world", because of our peaceful transitions. This shows that history will indeed vindicate President George W. Bush on many levels. Truly, a class act all the way.

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Tom said...

Class act certainly got him far. It takes two sides to bring a country together and one side understood pretty early that coming together made Bush too popular. 90% approval rates were sending Democrats to the ash heap.

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