Wednesday, April 30, 2003


For all of my friends who take the time to read through my rantings on this page, I offer the following quiz for fun. It determines how liberal or how conservative you are. It was originally written in 1994, which makes question 14 particularly interesting.
14. U.S. interests are more seriously at stake in Haiti than they are in Korea.

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Is there any doubt now as what was a bigger threat?

The quiz is a bit flawed like most of these short surveys. For instance, I don't trust business executives or union leaders all that much. I just feel that business executives contribute more. And baseball team owners and players are both without heroism. I hate the players when they strike and I hate the owners for giving the players gigantic salaries and then locking them out.

Other things are more problematic. I don't mind subsidies of the arts, but it should be better regulated. Rather than support new artists, I would rather see that money go to providing access to the arts that have stood the test of time. The govt. could help theatre companies that produce the classics. It could help museums buy classic art. The problem with art is that it’s mostly self-indulgent and uninteresting to the majority of people. Newer art that is popular will be supported by consumers. If we only supported art that was at least 50 years old, then we'd be sure we supporting something that had a greater opportunity to be of value. The idea that young artists are stifled without govt. money is nonsense. An artist will create because they have a driving vision. Van Gogh sold but one painting in his life and it didn’t hurt his output.

PBS has interesting programs, but most everything they do is duplicated somewhere on cable. Other things like British shows can opera can be rented on DVD. This wasn't true 20 years ago. National Public Radio can claim that they are one of a kind, but I would rather see them support themselves with advertising like everyone else. I think their reporting suffers from a big government bent, because they benefit from higher taxes.

Anyway, I scored a 33. And I don’t think Bob Dole is more conservative than me.

You can leave your score in the comments section, if you don't mind giving away your leanings.

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