Thursday, April 17, 2003

Robber sues clerk who shot him during holdup
Willie Brown, 44, claimed the clerk acted "maliciously and sadistically" in firing five shots as Brown ran out of Zipps Deli with money from the store's cash register.

Two bullets struck Brown's back and side, and he was arrested in a nearby home a few minutes after the holdup on March 15, 2002. Brown pleaded guilty to robbery in February and was sentenced last week to four years in prison.

Brown, who seeks unspecified damages, said the shooting had "prevented him from transacting his business" and that he continued to "suffer nightmares as the result of this assault upon his life."

Does "preventing him from transacting his business" mean that he is suing, because the robbery wasn't completed? My favorite part is that the "he" has nightmares.

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