Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Paid to be a traitor (The London Sun, April 23, 2003)

Click on the link just to see the photo of Galloway with Saddam.
There have long been questions over the way a nonentity backbencher like Galloway could afford his lavish lifestyle of fast cars and fast women.

His constant travel, always first class, could never be funded by an MP’s pay or from proceeds of his litigious pursuit of so-called defamation claims.

Galloway is a silver-tongued bully who has always been surrounded by a cloud of suspicion over his shifty activities, his manipulation of other people’s cash and his readiness to punch anyone he could not sue.

Once, while quizzed too closely for comfort on his dodgy dealings, he amazed journalists by admitting extra-marital “carnal” relations to put them off the money trail.

A congenital liar, his favourite defence trick was total denial. If that failed, he would claim he had been misquoted.

So when he was overheard publicly praising Saddam Hussein’s leadership in standing up to the West, he claimed he was talking about the Iraqi people.

Tony Blair will be delighted that there is now hard evidence that Galloway was complicit with Saddam’s regime.

Asked about the troublemaker’s call for Arabs to rise up against British troops, the PM told The Sun last week: “His comments were wrong and disgraceful.”

The Prime Minister insisted he would not be party to any move which made Galloway a martyr.

But he made it clear he expected the Labour Party’s national executive committee to take action to expel him.

With the evidence now available, surely it must be time to call in the police.

I think pathological liars lie so well, because they convince themselves that anything that leaves their mouths' is by definition the "truth."

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