Friday, April 25, 2003

Newly found Iraqi files raise heat on British MP (Christian Science Monitor, April 25, 2003)

A fresh set of documents uncovered in a Baghdad house used by Saddam Hussein's son Qusay to hide top-secret files detail multimillion dollar payments to an outspoken British member of parliament, George Galloway.

The most recent - and possibly most revealing - documents were obtained earlier this week by the Monitor. The papers include direct orders from the Hussein regime to issue Mr. Galloway six individual payments, starting in July 1992 and ending in January 2003.

The three most recent payment authorizations, beginning on April 4, 2000, and ending on January 14, 2003 are for $3 million each. All three authorizations include statements that show the Iraqi leadership's strong political motivation in paying Galloway for his vociferous opposition to US and British plans to invade Iraq.

Between France's oil contracts, Russian and Chinese arms deals and dirty British MPs, it looks like you make more money opposing wars than fighting them.

Can we finally retire that cliché about the United States doing it for money when the opposition had their hands out long before we fired the first shot?

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