Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Hans Blix vs the US: 'I was undermined'
(London Independent, April 23, 2003)
Mr Blix, 74, derided by Washington for his failure to find the "smoking gun" that would have convinced the UN to give legal backing to the war, also accused Washington and Britain of deliberately undermining his efforts before the war.

"I think it's been one of the disturbing elements that so much of the intelligence on which the capitals built their case seemed to have been shaky," he said, hinting that Britain the US might have allowed the information to surface to undermine inspections.

Maybe Blix didn't read resolution 1441. It didn't say that a smoking gun needed to be found, but that Iraq had to cooperate. Colin Powell demonstrated two instances before the Security Counsel in which Iraq tried to thwart the inspectors. Saddam undermined the inspections by not cooperating. Blix seems to be angry that Bush and company didn't endorse the sham that Hussein was putting on.

The day that did it for me was when the Iraqi defector begged the Inspectors for asylum and they turned him over to the government instead. Has anyone seen this guy since? The inspectors were there to stall the United States as much as Saddam was, and now they are trying to regain their reputations. Too Bad.

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