Friday, February 15, 2008


Upper Deck decided to have some fun with the upcoming election by printing cards with the major candidates inserted into great moments from baseball history. Since Hillary Clinton is the only woman to grace either the presidential field or the playing field, they were unsure how to incorporate her into a baseball scene. While Chicagoan Barrack Obama became Jermaine Dye and John McCain became Ted Williams, Clinton became Morganna the Kissing Bandit, wearing tight green 1971-style shorts and planting a kiss on an unexpecting Pete Rose. Oops, the card didn't go over well with the focus group and was subsequently pulled from production, but not before an indeterminate number was shipped to become the hottest card since 1906 Honus Wagner.
"Hillary Rodham Clinton and Morganna Roberts, baseball's infamous 'Kissing Bandit,' share a similar life strategy: go after what you want and get it!" the card reads. But unlike Roberts, who would dash onto ballfields and kiss players during games, it credits Clinton for generating headlines with "her reforms, initiatives and current bid for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination."


Tom said...

We have to find that picture and post it here.

Dude said...

I linked to an ebay auction. It will disappear someday but is good for now.

E said...

The face looks nothing like her but they got her butt about right.

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