Tuesday, February 05, 2008


As we await Super Tuesday results, here's what Rush has to say about McCain "reaching across the aisle" and such, and some of the well-known conservative thought leaders now lining up behind him. We saw how well this "electability" scam worked for Kerry in 2004. If conservatives are conservatives first and Republicans second, or not at all, they don't "owe" McCain their vote. Quite the contrary.

Let me tell you something, these average folk you're talk about, there are a whole lot more of them that think the way I am on this than are thinking the way you elites in the party are thinking, that any nominee who can beat a Democrat is better than any other nominee. That's simply not right. People who have loyally supported the Republican Party, people who have given money to it do not want to sit around and see that money used to expand the party on the basis of attracting liberals with a liberal candidate -- and, furthermore, they're not going to take kindly to being told they're to blame for it by not compromising their principles for the sake of party unity.

The Republican Party for too long has asked this of conservatives: "Sacrifice a little there, sacrifice a little here. Party unity is what matters." A lot of Republicans are fed up with this. You can go back to November 2006 and look at those returns if you doubt me. I am not alone when I say to you elites in the Republican Party, punditry and elsewhere, party officials and whatnot, "If you're going to go out and move this party to the left, you're going to take the hit for what happens to it. We are not going to sit here and take the blame because we wouldn't capitulate and unify. We don't see the point of unifying with the left when they are making no compromises whatsoever. So screw it! You want to take the party your direction, you take it there and you live and die by it; if you believe so strongly in going that direction. We don't, and most in this audience don't, either." I say that with confidence and assurance.

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Dude said...

Voting for the guy spit out by the machine has been easy since there has not been a likable Democratic candidate during my voting career. Obama is different because I genuinely like the guy. I could vote for Dole over tax-and-spend Clinton and I could even vote for tax-and-spend Bush over Kerry, but I think Obama can beat McCain. I get more pissed at McCain every time my phone rings. The ads are nothing but venom pointed at Romney. McCain is older than dirt, I don't like his personality, and I don't trust his judgment. It is just the opposite on all three points with Obama. If only he was a conservative, he'd be perfect. I'm with Rush on this one - I would feel so let down by the party if McCain is our rep, that I'm not sure the party can recover without some sort of Jerry Maguire manifesto to declare itself back on course.

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