Friday, February 22, 2008


I've gotten hooked lately on, online Anonymous postings. You know, the sort of posts that are sometimes part of a discussion on most any You Tube Type video or perhaps news post. I've noticed that most posts (especially You Tube) tends to be of the lower common denominator type. Certainly not part of the lofty intellectual discourse that has become a standard on Junto Boys. However, on occasion I'll have a discussion that turns out to be of some note. One such post was on YouTube responding to a Zucker Brothers ultra right wing video that went as follows (I'm posting as William by the way).

slippywhistle (1 week ago) Show Hide

This video sucks. Ass. If this drivel is an example the kind of political
discussion Americans can handle, then the experiment is over. This is the type
of crap that can suck your brain out, take a dump on it, then smear the rest
onto a piece of moldy bread.

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It's called humor, my friend. It's also parody protected by the first
amendment of the US Constitution, perhaps you should read the "Bill of Rights."

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Hey moron, I never said it should be outlawed, only that its unfunnyness is only
rivaled by cholera in children. And if you actually laugh at this poorly made
drivel, then you are as stupid as your comment would suggest.

williamspear2 (1 week ago) Show Hide
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This is not how Jesus wants us to act. Let's all take a breath and love one
another, otherwise the terrorists really win.

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Now THAT was funny!


E said...

Too often those YouTube threads and the like seem a battle to show oneself the dumbest by trying to sound smartest. I have felt more than once that I do the same here. Yet I persist even now.

Anonymous said...

I too enjoy online posting..infact I even saw a video that I am going to share.

Tom said...

I'm impressed that you won over the cynic.

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