Saturday, February 16, 2008


1. Thanks to the "Juntoboys" for inspiring me to continue my research on Prisoner Re-Entry. I am now writing a proposal with a collaborator I found at the University. We are putting together a research project to study some of the ideas I developed and test them for effectiveness. This is very exciting as this will likely turn into funded and publishable research.

2. I've been reading a lot lately about Neuropsychology (a new and growing field). Particularly I am currently reading research on The Neuropsychology behind Paranormal Experiences. This field was evidently pioneered by Michael A. Persinger, Ph.D. who also invented a crazy contraption called the "God Helmet." The God-Helmet introduces ultra low frequency pulses of Electro-Magnetic energy into the temporal lobes of the brain. This device is devised so that it will induce religious/paranormal experiences in those who wear it. Among reported experiences are the feeling that someone is watching you, feelings of oneness, feelings of being pulled from the inside, fear, anger, joy, and a variety of other emotions. Persinger believes that stimulation of the temporal lobes is what causes mystical experiences as well as Alien abduction reports. I've got the plans for this helmet and am currently building one for my own experiments.

3. I've been tasked with teaching more diversity courses now. Apparently my students love my "refreshing right wing approach" (as one student evaluation put it) to diversity areas such as Cross cultural psychology, Psych of Women, and Psych of Racism.

4. What if McCain asks Barak Obama to be his Vice-President, which was earlier suggested in this blog by "E" I believe. Would that collapse the ends of the Bell Curve (ultra right conservatives and ultra liberals) creating a new coalition of moderates, independents, and the like? Are we in for a major political transformation of the cultural landscape? All pundits seem aghast.

5. If social intelligence or emotional intelligence is a valid construct, then evidently there must be Emotional Genius'. If so, what would they look like? What would an Emotional Einstein be like? Would they be master manipulators able to inspire or corrupt or whisper and control at will? Sounds like a cool power. Perhaps that is what the great leaders and politicians were.

6. The recent book "Love and Sex with Robots" is quite fascinating. I've been waiting for the Robot Women and Flying cars all my life. This books central thesis is that as robots become more and more human like, we will eventually begin using them for intimate practices as well. It makes sense since the average Joe/Jane uses a computer and a variety of mechanical aids currently to enhance carnal pleasure. It would be nice in some ways because the Robot Woman would not nag, nor divorce, nor spend you into bankruptcy. It's all very interesting. I suppose the sophisticated enough Robot woman could be intellectually stimulating (since she would have a internet enabled brain and therefore access to the sum total of human knowledge) plus physically arousing since presumably some basic psychology tests could discern the exact physical type you would be interested in. Human women may be jealous at first or not allow this at all (just as many now rally against Porn and such) while others would view the Robot Woman as simply an appliance and would likely welcome this addition which could help "fill the void" between love making sessions and thus help curb her Human Husbands desire to cheat. Since the Robot Woman would be learning enabled and adaptive, she would continue to get better with each session and could create both variety as well as become a teacher to the human couple or even live-aid for the ultimate "threesomes."


Tom said...

We liked your refreshing rightwing approach first.

E said...

Splendid! I am enjoying the picture of you teaching for 30 minutes wearing the helmet and then asking for student volunteers.

Dude said...

1 - It is good that one of our ranks is in academia, to further the common good.

2 - I am familiar with Persinger and also the natural brain chemical DMT which in large doses also induces the alien presence (Machine Elves). It is also true that the gov experiments with directed microwave beams containing pulses to stimulate targeted brain responses. Someday we will shoot beams of surrender at the enemy and save bullets.

3 - I was sure your refreshing right wing approach would play to a larger audience. Plant the seeds in these fertile minds and watch lucidity grow.

4 - Team Clinton will stop at nothing to get the nomination and I think they will soon be doling out cabinet offices to superdelegates like tootsie rolls on Halloween. If they "steal" the convention, I would love to see McCain offer Obama something prominent to capture his voting bloc.

5 - Tom and I took an ethics class at UWF in which the prof listed social maturity ranked 1-6 with MLK and Ghandi and Mother Theresa as the rare example of the 6, in which the self is subservient to the greater good. I was about a 3 then, possibly lower now.

6 - Someday, Hillary Clinton will be President and men will be replaced by robot gigolos that look like Jude Law. What would be funny is if the babely robots built to please men were programmed with the compulsion to keep themselves in peak physical form for our pleasure. Then when the men are off at work, the robots would be trying out new shades of makeup and exercising and getting botoxed to the point where they become indistinguishable from the high maintenance broads they replaced. The first time a robot utters "Do I look fat in this dress?" there would be a backlash which would lead to the revolution that ultimately puts robots in charge with us as their sex slaves.

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