Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Michael Strahan almost missed history

So wrote Barbara Barker of New York Newsday
He could have missed being honored in a way that only the greatest of our heroes -- astronauts and war veterans and icons like Nelson Mandela -- are honored in New York City. If things had gone the way Michael Strahan briefly thought he wanted them to go last summer, he would have never joined their ranks.

He would have been watching Tuesday's ticker-tape parade from his living room in Southern California.

Just like Michael Jordan had to watch the Bulls win a championship on television.

In a game where the Giants defense answered Tom Brady for the first time all season, how likely would the Giants have gone all the way without their defensive leader, Michael Strahan?

Maybe I am being unkind. I tend to think this article is a result of a certain worldview, one that supposes that all success is due to luck rather than hard work and talent. Why? Because if success isn't based on luck then you would have less justification for social engineering and socialism.

So let's just remember how that no talent Michael Strahan happened to play for the Giants during their gimme win.


E said...

Well said, Tom.

Waiting for your post on how a new baby changes everything, or some thing.

Dude said...

How lucky Yogi Berra was to be on all those championship Yankees teams during his career. He just happened to parallel his playing days with the greatest dynasty the game has ever known. Sure he's got all those rings, but if he was just an average-hitting catcher, he wouldn't have even made the Hall of Fame. That really shows you how luck matters most.

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