Thursday, September 04, 2008


Boy did I enjoy the speeches last night, everything except Huckabee's stupid story about the desks. Michael Steele (his "Drill, Baby, Drill" became a catchphrase for the night), Romney, Huck, Rudy, and finally Palin -- they made a fool of Obama. What fun, I absolutely loved it. My favorite lines were when Rudy couldn't help but laugh at the "community organizer" and then how he mocked Obama's "present" votes -- as mayors (and like the rest of us, who have real lives with choices and responsibilities and consequences), we don't have that luxury, we have to actually make decisions. And the best news of all is how Hillary Clinton, she of 18 million votes, has been completely erased by a woman politican that people actually like.

Palin—Jindal 2012 [Peter Kirsanow]

Possibly the most depressed liberal in the country today (other than Obama) is Hillary Clinton. She has been dogged, patient. She has spent years preparing to win the presidency. She's weathered public humiliation. She was planning to be the frontrunner for 2012. But last night she saw the future and she's not in it.


Dude said...

Huckabee's desk story went on for ages with minimal payoff. I did like his line "I'm not a Republican because I grew up rich, but because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to rescue me." That sums up the conservative viewpoint nicely.

I loved Giuliani's speech. He made a number of great points, including the 'voting present' bit and he was smiling and enjoying himself which contrasted nicely to the demagoguery of the democratic convention.

Palin really delivered. It was a make or break moment and everyone wanted to see her shine and she didn't disappoint. She had some great lines and a funny feisty face. She would crinkle her nose whenever she wanted to sound tough. The one negative I thought was that she piled a bit too much on Obama. She is new to the national game and I didn't think it was right for her to come out spewing so much venom on the players who have been at this for a year already. Overall though, it was a very impressive introduction to the world. She was helped immeasurably by the captured moment of her daughter spit-shining baby Trig during a cutaway.

Tom said...

I'm still of the mind that Palin helps Hillary. It makes McCain more likely to defeat Obama clearing an opening for Hillary in 2012.

And barring some medical problem, McCain will run for re-election in 2012 meaning Democrats will have a chance to nominate a woman first and a greater motivation since Republicans could do so in 2016.

Dude said...

I'm no longer worried about McCain's health after getting a look at his 96-year-old mother. I think he's got another 30 years minimum.

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