Monday, September 15, 2008


Because most of my political reading lately has been in the form of short blog posts, it was a pleasure today to read this lengthier, cogent analysis of how Obama has painted himself into a corner and why "the issues" don't get much attention in presidential elections.

Obama can keep trying the "McSame" argument, but it falls flat for at least 3 reasons:

1. McCain isn't Bush. In fact, his very brand is his not-Bush-ness, his highly visible departures from the Republican party line.

2. Obama isn't change. He's classic liberalism.

3. "Change" does not necessarily redirect dissatisfied Independents and Republicans to Obama. Voters didn't lose faith in Republican ideas, they lost faith in Republicans' willingness to execute them. Classically Republican ideas remain more popular than classically liberal ideas.


Tom said...

Yeah, great article. Thanks for pointing it out.

Dude said...

E, you are concise and precise in your summation. Good job.

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