Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Coming home from the gym tonight I was listening to ABC news at the convention and they actually described Sarah Palin as the VP nominee and the mother of a pregnant 17 year-old daughter. There wasn’t even any context or discussion about it. They just needed to get it in.

Is there suddenly a stigma behind teenage sex? ABC didn’t seem to have much problem showing Terri Hatcher’s teenage daughter lose her virginity on Desperate Housewives. I remember Hatcher being rather powerless and it didn’t lead to any discussion about morality. The networks don’t pass judgment on any number of shows that display casual sexuality, the kind that leads kids to think it’s glamorous and expected of them.

They save their judgment for a mother that has to deal with their sliding scale of morality.

************************TV NETWORK MEMO***************

For the week, TV networks will be adopting a Victorian morality. Beginning next week and continuing until the second Tuesday in November, the networks will be practicing a duality, in which all prime time shows will be displaying current Hollywood mores while the news divisions will remain with the Victorians. In the likelihood that the Obama or Biden families face some sort of discretion, the networks reserve the right to bounce from one morality to another.

************************END MEMO*************************

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