Friday, September 12, 2008


Peggy Noonan today:

A certain normal-versus-sissy template was captured in a deadly email that is making the rounds. It offers two pictures. One is of a young Mrs. Palin in a short skirt, smiling at the camera as she leans against a big ol' motorcycle. The other is of a thin and careful Obama on a bicycle, in a plastic safety helmet, looking like a tony suburban professional trying to lower his carbon footprint. The headline on the email: "This settles it."

If you get this email, please send it to me or post the photos here.

I have to admit I felt bad for Obama last night. I did not have the patience to listen to him ramble, but he looked so tired and worn. McCain looked lively and fresh. McCain was able to take long naps while Obama was out battling Hillary, and the wear of the long campaign is starting to show on the young fella. His eyes were dead. I wondered whether that was related to his meeting with Bill Clinton earlier in the day, which could not have been pleasant. I kept rooting for Obama to smile, but he couldn't, and then I watched baseball.

He is in a tough spot. He is losing momentum, as he was bound to do eventually, because his appeal was built solely on his appeal. So now he is falling back to earth and melting on re-entry. He is trying to be serious now and point to the issues, but unfortunately he doesn't have much to say on the issues, and what he does have to say is standard-issue losing Democratic message, and "Change!" and "McCain=Bush" doesn't carry the day after Palin and the RNC convention. A bit of a dilemma for our skinny friend, not that I mind.

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