Sunday, September 14, 2008


Alert: McCain is old. He can't type, and in the 80s he wore 80s clothes. So says Obama's new ad. Never mind that the SEVERE BEATINGS he took make him unable to type. Obama has gotten so far off message that he may have his own severe beating on the way. The Quinnipiac polls in PA have gone from Obama +12 in June, to +7 in July and August, to +3 now. States that Obama should be dominating, like NJ and WA, he is leading by just a couple points. I know it's early and a lot can change, but wow, quite a turnaround.

Maybe at the debate Obama can say, "OK, all the questioners tonight who think I'm the best choice for President, raise your hands." (Unanimous.) "Right, okay. Now, um, look, everyone here on stage that thinks they are qualified to be President, raise your hand. Raise it up high. Well look, there you go."

McCain should keep up the humorous ads that poke at Obama, and at the end he should say, "I'm John McCain, and I approved this message, and I laugh every time I watch it."

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