Monday, September 15, 2008


...and 0.1% of his income. Biden releases his tax returns.

In 1998, Biden and his wife Jill gave $120 to charity out of an adjusted gross income of $210,979.
In 2005, out of an adjusted gross income of $321,379, the Bidens gave $380.
In nine out of the ten years for which tax returns were released, the Bidens gave less than $400 to charity.
In 2007, when Biden was running for president, they gave $995 out of an adjusted gross income of $319,853.

It would be unseemly to make "news" out of this, but this is typical lib -- their "contribution" is to tell everyone else to make contributions, or to legislate that everyone is required to make contributions, and out of their own pockets -- next to nothing. Tell me what I should do by showing me what it looks like, if you would please.

I'm still not pro-McCain, but I am decidedly anti-Obama/Biden, which is effectively the same thing when you count my one vote.


Dude said...

Everyone knows that republicans give to charity while democrats fight to make it compulsory because they feel we don't give enough. They at once are fighting for the little guy and against the big guy. Heroic cheapskates.

Tom said...

What good is helping people if they can't control the money?

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