Friday, September 12, 2008


If I may boast for a moment, I just received the following note from my son's teacher after his second week of 4th grade.

Ben has had a great week this week. I have noticed that his relationship with the other boys is not cliquish; rather, he includes many and all, for that matter. This is a sign of the Holy Spirit working in his life, as he could very easily snub some who are not as athletic or intelligent as he is. He lifts others up by his humble attitude toward others. As far as academically, he is a bright young man: he reads well, he applies what is being taught in a manner that exceeds his years, and he is exceptionally creative. I was especially impressed by his speech from a key word outline he made this morning. It was if he had done it many times before! If there were a “heroic” flaw, it would have to be his handwriting, but I hear many a statesman, doctor, and minister have atrocious handwriting. It is a privilege to be able to teach this class – and it is especially a privilege to be Ben’s teacher.

I love that his handwriting is atrocious, as mine was and is. He is a fine young man who careth not whether others appreciate his genius -- the surest sign of genius!


Sir Saunders said...

Well I think that is fantastic!

Dude said...

Ben is a great kid, heroic flaws and all.

I think I have fine handwriting now, but I still remember in first grade, my teacher making a fuss about how I wasn't keeping my letters inside the lines. My mom was in attendance at the meeting and asked me why I wasn't doing it properly. I told her that I didn't want to be perfect. I wanted to do it different than everybody else. Most teachers hate that sort of thing. Mom must have liked it as she would often remind me of that story.

Tom said...

There can hardly be a elation the rest of the year that matches a thoughtful comment such as that.

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