Sunday, September 21, 2008

Palin draws crowd of 60,000 in The Villages

The Villages, a vast, upscale planned community north of Orlando, has about 70,000 mostly adult residents -- many of them military retirees -- who vote reliably Republican in statewide races. Tens of thousands inched along roads into the picturesque town square of the complex, where they stood in sweltering heat for about four hours as local GOP officials and a country band revved up the crowd.

"Sa-Rah! Sa-Rah!" they chanted at every mention of her name, applauding loudly and waiving tiny American flags that were distributed -- along with free water bottles -- by local volunteers. The fire chief estimated the crowd at 60,000.

John had tickets and we were going to go, but he called to say that it was an hour worth of traffic getting in and no where to park. It made me feel better because Trish had to fly out tonight and Abby has been congested. She persuaded me that it wasn't a good idea to ditch her for another dame. Hopefully Sarah makes it to Orlando before the election.

I haven't been feeling great myself and I suppose Sir Saunders hasn't either because neither of us called the other this week to schedule our regular Saturday bike ride. Sir Saunders, how about we go on Wednesday?

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Sir Saunders said...

this is very sad that we have to blog one another to schedule biking. I recommend the following video:

Yes! Wednesday sounds great.

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