Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Paraphrased from the redstate.com post:

1. The media's harping and yelping for Senator Obama created massive Obama over-exposure, anger and resentment that will be expressed in the voting booth on November 4th. People see what the media is doing.

2. The Gallup poll after Labor Day has historically predicted the winner. The Gallup poll a week after the GOP convention had McCain up.

3. Support is drying up among Jews the more they learn about his past policy statements regarding Israel.

4. Young people are easily distracted from voting on Election Day. Older female Clinton voters will go vote, and not for Obama.

5. In an unstable world, people vote for the stronger leader. It isn't Obama.

6. McCain is likely to win the six states that since 1972 have voted for the winning candidate: AK, KY, LA, MO, OH and TN.

7. Asians, Whites and Hispanics have been lying to pollsters in significant numbers and will not vote for Obama. The Bradley Effect is real.

Just trying to lift my own spirits, more than anything.


Tom said...

If McCain wins the Left is going to lose it like we've never seen.

Dude said...

Tonight, Obama speaks to the people in prime time for thirty minutes about making history. His campaign is actively urging the sheep to skip work in an effort to get out the lazy vote. I've got to admit that Obama has run a great campaign and has surrounded himself with thoughtful advisers, whereas McCain has not. I think the ultimate genius October surprise from McCain would be to buy thirty minutes of prime time following Obama's. Make it look like Obama is still addressing us, only use his own words to explain his socialistic and anti-American policies. Edit together all the things he has said that oppose Republican ideals, edit in some stirring rhetoric from Rev Wright and Bill Ayers, show Biden demanding we understand that Obama just isn't ready to lead, give us thirty minutes of regret for actually considering voting for the guy, then end it with "My name is John McCain and I approve this message."

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