Sunday, October 26, 2008


He won't live forever, but he's already been with us for longer than we could have expected. These last few years he's given us interesting and sometimes flawed movies, but this film coming out in December might be the last pure Eastwood pic. A film where we see Clint as we remember his legend, the equivalent of John Wayne in the Shootist.

(Via Dirty Harry)


Sir Saunders said...

Fan-freakin-tastic. This is actually, Dirty Harry retired by another name. I wonder if this was actually pitched to him as Dirty Harry "where is he now." I guess he didn't own the rights to the character or didn't want to resurrect it. Can't wait to see it!

Tom said...

Sir Saunders and I were talking on Saturday about Eastwood saying he was too old to play Dirty Harry. And I said the challenge would be to write a Dirty Harry movie that would make sense with his current age. It looks like someone beat me to it.

Dude said...

Clint's had a busy year. Maybe this is his ABOUT SCHMIDT, the character he will be remembered for from his latter days. I notice his name is Kowalski, same as the loner hero from VANISHING POINT. Probably deliberate.

E said...

McCain should stop running his loser ads about tax policy and replace them with this clip. "I'm John McCain, and I support this movie."

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