Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Slate polled its staff regarding who they will vote for. (So much for secret ballot, but liberals don't care much for such old-fashioned traditions.) The results:

Obama - 56
Non-citizen but would vote for Obama - 3
McCain - 1
Barr - 1
Non-citizen and not compelled to declare a preference - 1

That sounds about right. And I'm okay with that. If you disclose openly that you are in the tank for Obama, then it's not unfair media bias. The scandal is that CBS and NBC and the New York Times' results would look about the same.


Farhad said...

The secret ballot is not old-fashioned. It's a relatively modern innovation in voting, begun late in the 19th century (by the Australians). Americans used to vote publicly.

E said...

Thanks for the clarification Farhad. I think secret ballot qualifies as old-fashioned the way such things are calculated in the USA and for the point I was making, but technically you can be right if it is important to you.

Tom said...

19th century? Are horses and buggies old fashioned?

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