Thursday, October 30, 2008


I had my sign stolen over the weekend so this was fun to read.
After Shawn Turschak saw two sets of McCain-Palin signs disappear from his yard within hours of being planted, he took steps to protect the latest pair.

On Monday, he ran wires from his house and hooked the signs into a power source for an electric pet fence. Then he mounted a surveillance camera in a nearby tree and wired it to a digital recorder.

Tuesday afternoon, the camera saw this: A neighbor trotting up with an Obama-Biden sign, grabbing a handful of volts as he touched a McCain-Palin sign, then fleeing at top 9-year-old boy speed.

A few minutes later, the boy's father, Andrew Noble, was at Turschak's door, demanding an explanation from Turschak's 13-year-old daughter, who called her parents on the phone to say a man was yelling at her. Both families agree on one aspect of the exchange, that Noble chastised her for "electrocuting" his son, then left.

His son electrocuted himself. I wish I had thought of it.

Didn't parents use to get mad at their children for mischief? Now they seem to be behind it.


E said...

I like it. The ultimate "get off my yard." "You shocked my perpetrator son" is just the kind of perspective I don't want leading this country.

I finally put a McCain-Palin sticker on my car in these final days. I was relieved when I returned yesterday to the airport parking lot to find my car undamaged. I didn't bother with the yard sign because I'm not a McCain guy and they don't have Palin signs, and because I figured it would be stolen immediately anyway. Also because we have Mennonite neighbors who are steeped in pacifist tradition and we don't really want to discuss it. And because our next door neighbors were out early with the Obama sign (both are retired public school teachers) and we value the relationship more than our opinion.

Mrs. Beckett called my mom one time (circa 1978) and told her that I stopped her car in the road and flipped her off. I did stand in the road and stop her car (no idea why) but there was no bird. Justice does not always prevail.

Dude said...

The guy with the electric sign also set up a surveillance camera so I was able to watch the kid get shocked. He was clearly looking to crook the sign even though his dad claims he just wanted to check out how it was made. The kid got what his dad deserved and the judge refused to press charges. A minor victory for property rights.

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