Sunday, October 26, 2008

PREDICTIONS for the unintended consequences of a Barack Obama Presidency

1. IRAN STRENGTHENED: With the certainty of U.S. intervention being limited to Diplomacy in an Obama Presidency, Iran will become emboldened. This is likely why their President has suddenly "taken ill." I imagine the CIA were given the "go" to take this fellow out as a warning to the clerics not to play puppet master with it's neighbors. Perhaps Bush has installed enough Pro-American elements within the intelligence and defense departments to curb radically left policies.

2. BLACK COMEDIANS SUDDENLY LESS FUNNY: This happened to poor Yackoff Smirnoff after the fall of the USSR. What made "Black Comedy" (ala Chris Rock or Dave Chappell) funny was that, even if you weren't Black, you could identify with the attack on the "man." You felt for the plight of the oppressed class and most all of those jokes arise out of the field of oppression. We all want to attack the "man." Now that the "man" is an intelligent, well-spoken, articulate Black man, well it's not so funny any more.

3. RACISM IS CHANGED FOREVER. The first Black President will give perceptual evidence to whites that the era of racism is over. Forever there after, once conservative politicians are back in power and they begin dismantling the Affirmative Action and scholarship programs based on race, they will simply point to Obama as proof that instutionalized and cultural Racism is over. The left will no longer have the moral high-ground on this issue. Further, any efforts Obama makes to allot "special" privileges or create a new "civil rights" legislation will backfire as being disingenious or out of touch.

4. CRAZED ULTRA LEFT NUT CASES WILL THINK THEY ARE "MAINSTREAM." Just like what happened in the Clinton Administration with the likes of Joscelin Elders as Surgeon General, the ultra left will think America has gone left and will start advocating crack-pot schemes that will make Clinton's policies seem quaint by comparison. Remember when Joscelin suggested the school system teach pre-teens and teens masturbation as a way to curb teen pregnancy? I think she had to resign after that.

5. PUTTING FORTH "FAIRNESS DOCTRINE" WILL ONLY BACKFIRE. The fairness doctrine will be successfully challenged and overturned by the Supreme Court in a case titled, Clear Channel/Fox News vs. U.S.A. This will have the effect of placing President Obama in the corner of suppressing Free speech which will drive down his poll numbers to an abysmal level.

6. RACISM WILL LIKELY BE USED BY THE WHITEHOUSE AS REASON FOR ANY DECENT. This will only fail and will paint Obama as fear mongering and lying about his desire to be the "Post-Racial" President. See point 3.

7. RADICAL CONGRESS MEMBERS IN SPOTLIGHT DAILY: There is only so many ways to protray the likes of Barney Frank. The more he's on TV the more I like it because at least he speaks from the truly ultra-left wing and not in glossed over platitudes like Obama. People will hear this sort of talk over and over and get disgusted with it.

8. BACKLASH: The coming Backlash of 2010 and 2012 will make the Reagan revolution look like a blip on the screen by comparison. I plan on running in the 2010 cycle to ride the wave in. Then running for President in 2012. Currently I am working as a Leesburg, FL Community Activist.


Tom said...

Good points all.

E said...

Sound predictions Sir. You are a credit to the youth of central Florida.

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