Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is the question Scheiffer should ask Obama:

Bill Ayers has been campaign issue recently and you have stated that your interaction with him has been minimal. Do you think that Ayers should be in jail and would you nominate the kinds of justices to the court that let him remain free?

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E said...

The moderators are either so in the tank for Obama, or are asleep at the wheel, or are so inherently biased that they can't recognize bias. Obama hasn't gotten a question on what he would have done instead of invade Iraq, or on any of the many dubious influences on his worldview, or on abortion, or on judges... Do I think he will get asked those questions tonight? With history as my guide, I think not. Therefore McCain may need to ignore the questions that are asked and answer the questions that should be asked but never are.

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