Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Joe the Plumber is making the rounds. He is living out the American Dream, taking advantage of the opportunity that was afforded him. He is a hero. And he is exposing the media for what they are.

He is a regular guy, a working class Republican, with coherent views spoken simply and plainly and with conviction. He is not afraid of anybody. He's non-union. He's divorced but loves his kid and makes real sacrifices to be with him. He is totally non-victim. I heard him yesterday on three different talk shows. He is the Democrats' worst nightmare.

It would be nice if the media at least tried to understand this point. (that most Americans don't begrudge the wealthy their wealth; they only ask to be given the same opportunities)

Instead, they attacked and belittled a citizen who asked a candidate a question. They think he's stupid or a liar for not understanding that a promised check from a President Obama is more valuable than some pipe dream about future success.

It's funny. When PBS' Gwen Ifill had a straightforward conflict of interest -- her forthcoming book hinges on an Obama presidency -- that should have prevented her from moderating the VP debate, she and her fellow journalists tittered at the critics. All that matters, Ifill and company insisted, are the answers, not the questioner.

That's apparently the standard for people like Gwen the Journalist. But if Joe the Plumber gets revealing but embarrassing answers out of the media's preferred candidate, suddenly the questioner matters more than the answer. And he must be punished.

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Sir Saunders said...

Yes, it is very telling that an average fellow is so beaten down. I guess he's not the Democrat version of "Average" and he isn't a victim, so he doesn't qualify as part of their voting block.

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