Thursday, October 09, 2008


In the mire of how cozy Obama has been with these two lies an unanswered question. How did two terrorists become college professors? Ayers at the University of Illinois, a publicly funded institution and Dohrn at the University of Chicago Law School. Law School?

We spend great time an effort in this country discussing the problems of education and our lack of results despite funding levels greater than most of Europe. And here lie two terrorists, people that would be in jail if not for liberal judicial system that didn't like the way they were chased. These people should be shunned from the public forum, they should struggle to make a living, and yet government money gave a living and a forum for their radicalism.

It's our failure as a nation that we have allowed our schools to become propaganda agents, and it's a failure of Chicago to embrace dangerous criminals. McCain should be making the point in this campaign that it's not merely Obama's associations with such people that are scary, but the leftist ideas that such people espouse are very likely at the core of Obama's worldview. Maybe Ayers is through blowing things up, but the revolutionary ideas behind that destruction are still at the core of the man. Do we think that Ayers donated to Obama's campaign to get a middle class tax cut?

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