Sunday, October 26, 2008


Watch the video here.

I don't watch local news(maybe I should), but Barbara West of Orlando's ABC affiliate asks Biden the kind of questions we've been waiting for from the national media.
The Obama spokesperson issued this statement about the interview:

"There's nothing wrong with tough questions, but reporters have the very important job of sharing the truth with the public -- not misleading the American people with false information.

What part of the interview was misleading and false information? If spreading the wealth around is not Marxist who was the first to suggest it?

This is what Biden said to the Marx query?
He's not spreading the wealth around but giving the middle class a chance to get back the tax breaks they use to have?

What?!?!?!?! Obama is on record saying "Spread the wealth around." Biden is pretending it never happened thus acknowledging the political damage. What tax breaks did the middle class ever have that weren't the gift of Republicans?
People making $1.4 million dollars, good decent people, are going to get a new $87 billion tax cut, a new one on top of last year.

How could they get a new one with a Democrat Congress?
We think the people (millionaires aren't people) should be getting that tax break. Not continue to distribute that wealth up. We think middle class tax payers should get a tax break. That's what we think. It's a ridiculous comparison in all due respect.

Biden laughed off the Marxist quote and then went on to become a character in Orwell's 1984 explaining that redistribution is the act of letting people keep their own money.

Also his quote implies the logical fallacy that anything the wealthy keep prevents the middle class from keeping theirs. Why can't everyone keep what they make, Biden?

Here's the Obama Capaign weighing in:
Senator Biden handled the interview well; however, the anchor was completely unprofessional. Senator Biden's wife is not running for elected office, and there are many other stations in the Orlando television market that would gladly conduct a respectful and factual interview with her."

"This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election."

This refers to their losing an upcoming interview with Mrs. Biden as punishment implying that their interview would be disrespectful with her. Did they disrespect Biden?

The reaction demonstrates their expectations of the Main Stream Media and how one little interview makes it all unravel.


E said...

I saw this morning at NRO that the campaign cancelled the same station's interview with Jill Biden and denied the offending station all access to the candidates thru the remainder of the campaign. Take note, America!

Biden said, "I don't know who's writing your questions"... as in, didn't you get the memo, no probing questions!! And would he ask that question of a man?

Sir Saunders said...

They already took down the video. It's probably somewhere else you can link to. Repost it!

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