Saturday, October 25, 2008


I am highly exercised that Obama and liberal Congressional leaders are going to control the agenda and the purse strings of this great nation. I never warmed that much to McCain but I feel strongly about casting my vote against Obama. I know that all I can do is cast my one vote (and take a son into the booth to pull the lever) and do my best to enjoy unilateral disarmament, but still it irks me that a fraud like Obama might well take the throne. It irks me. Talk me down.


Sir Saunders said...

It irks me too that people are so willing to trade freedom and Liberty for the perception of an ounce more security, if even that. However, I like to think that perhaps what is really happening is each generation is getting their chance to see socialist ideas in action. Likely the Democrats will take peoples readiness for change as a mandate on ridiculous far-left ideas. I'm looking forward to the midterm elections when I think the pendulum will swing hard to the otherside. I just hope there is a leadership on the otherside, otherwise we are all in trouble.

Tom said...

Your feelings were my feelings during the 1992 election. I was so depressed on election night that I did not sleep. I stayed up watching C-Span where they were simulcasting a talk radio host from Seattle, I think. Most people who were calling his show felt like I did.

For two years the only shining light was Rush Limbaugh and he pointed out every bit of nonsense they were putting forward. He opened the show saying "America Held Hostage" and he counted the days just like Koppel during the Iranian situation in 1979.

I worked the local TV coverage of the 1994 election and one of our guests was Dee Dee Ritchie, my old high school teacher and one of the few unadulterated liberals in our town. That night she was the one despondent over the results.

Ted Kennedy even had a to defend his seat against a tough campaign from Mitt Romney that night. They were watching his speech in the green room and Dee Dee mentioned the Kennedy Mystique. My friend Tyrone said, you mean the Kennedy Mistake, don't you? She said that they didn't pronounce it like that. A laugh a minute.

The next morning I couldn't wait to hear what Rush was going to say. He opened the show saying "America, the way it ought to be" the title of his 1992 book. I remember getting teary about it, tears of joy.

I think the main reason I was so distraught was that I thought I was living in a country that saw the world differently from the way I did. The truth was the country wanted changed because Bush 41 raised taxes, passed the ADA, nominated Justice Souter and pretty much ignored conservative principles.

Who was Perot but a guy who looked more conservative than Bush? Who was Clinton but a guy who never came out against the Gulf War and handled himself as a moderate to conservative Democrat?

In 1994 Republicans ran on the Contract with America and won citing specific written conservative principles that they talked about on the campaign trail. Until Democrats can run a campaign being that open about their policies and win I won't be as distraught as I was in 1992.

Obama and the Democrats can do real damage to our country, but they can also do real damage to themselves. They have to placate the far left, a group that supported Obama due to his "perfect" record on Iraq. If they govern with that 10-15% of the county in mind they will alienate a vast majority of Americans. If they ignore that 10-15% they risk getting a primary opponent in 2012.

The only thing keeping their coalition together is an opposition to Bush. Without Bush I don't think the different factions can form a working majority for long.

I realized looking back that my real worry was not Clinton but that our country had changed dramatically. Like Bush 41, the Democrats get another faux conservative to run against so why not go with the Democrat this time.

I still remain optimistic that the best ideologically pure Democrat cannot beat the best ideologically pure Republican.

That doesn't mean we won't get setbacks with Obama, but I think we'll win in the long run.

E said...

Thank you counselors for your wisdom and perspective.

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