Friday, October 17, 2008


Good WSJ article today. Here's where we are heading, folks, if the polls hold.

- Unchecked leftist policy making.
- Media support for same.
- Medicare for all.
- Huge health care entitlements, impossible to repeal.
- Windfall profit taxes on Big Oil and other scapegoat industries.
- Regulatory overkill a la Sarbanes-Oxley.
- Strongarm labor tactics.
- Redistribution of wealth via taxation.
- Taxes and regulation, cap and trade, in the name of global warming.
- Same day register-and-vote which favors Democrats and enables fraud.
- Legalization of voting rights for felons and immigrants to increase Democratic vote totals. Long-awaited legislation designed to keep Democrats in power.
- The Fairness Doctrine to shut down opposition voices.
- Lawsuits and threats of lawsuits, to do the same. This has been a tactic of the Obama campaign.
- Dilution of No Child Left Behind as a favor to the NEA.
- Repeals of tort reform laws as a favor to the trial lawyers.
- Expansion of abortion "rights."
- Massive shift to the left in the federal courts and SCOTUS.

You think not? I commend to you the book THE FIRST MEASURED CENTURY: An Illustrated Guide to Trends in America, 1900-2000, which tells the tale of America in words and charts. The data do not lie. The New Deal policy shifts showed up as major changes, mostly not for the good, in the areas of Population, Work, Education, Family, Living Arrangements, Religion, Active Leisure, Health, Money, Politics, Government, Crime, Transportation, Business and Communication. Sir, many potential teaching aids in here. Leftist policies have worked so poorly, and have had so many unintended consequences, that we need more leftist policies to right the ship.

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Sir Saunders said...

I will take your advice and add this book to my reading list. Thanks for the tip, my good man. Unfortunately, I think we are all headed for comradeship despite what Drudge is reporting now.

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