Sunday, January 06, 2008


It sounds like Clemens is putting forward the idea that he thought he was getting Vitamin B-12, though he didn't make the connection specifically. He asks rhetorical questions about why it would have been a bad idea to do it.

Q. What penality should someone receive for using steroids?

A. It's a self-inflicted penalty. Your body breaks down.

Q Would you take a Lie Detector Test?

A. Some say they are good and some say they are bad.

He says he will probably never play again because of this mess.

Q. Do you think that people are going to believe you?

A. I think the people that know me believe me.

Will he testify before Congress?

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E said...

If he has anything at all to hide, he should let his lawyer do his talking or he'll be Pete Rose, digging a deeper hole every time he opens his mouth.

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